What’s new? The maximum number of passengers that can be set on discounts has been increased. Until now, when creating or editing discount you could only set up to 6 passengers in the Other passengers field. This was the case because the performance of the price calculation was less than optimal when calculating discounts with larger numbers of other passengers. We have optimized price calculation and it is now possible to set up to 20 passengers in the Other passengers field.

Benefits? This option enables you to define more variations of discounts. Also, the performance of price calculation has been improved for cases that were supported till now.

How? To use this improvement you can create a new discount on an accommodation or edit an existing discount by selecting Options > Price lists > Discounts in Lemax main menu. In passengers drop-down list it is now possible to select numbers from 0 to 20, as displayed on the image below, instead 0 to 6.

2017-13-06 - Number of passengers on discounts increased1