What’s new? Three new options available on the price list of additional services!

Enabled by default
– if this option is enabled, the additional service will automatically be marked on online booking.

This is useful if you don’t want to put additional services, such as “Ski Pass”, in the package price, but you want it to be automatically shown under the package in online booking. A person can see the additional Ski-pass option under the package, but it is not a mandatory service, so he can change it e.g. to a different type of Ski-pass.

Start day
– this option represents the first day of the additional service.

Also useful for additional service Ski-pass. It is possible to set up a ski pass starting from any day stay and not just the initial days of reservation. So, a person can book a hotel on the 1st of January, but if Start date of the additional service ski-pass is marked as 2, the Ski pass will be valid from the second day of the stay.

Default duration – with this option it is possible to define a service that can take a number of days.

The additional service can be defined to last less days than the actual stay at the hotel. For example, additional service ski pass, or some other additional services, may have a shorter duration than the service. So, a person can book a hotel for 7 days, but have the ski-pass valid for 5 days.