What’s new? New selling and billing type are now available on the price list for Rent-a-car module.
Per day – when a customer crosses midnight, he will be charged like he was using the service for 2 days (no matter if he was using the service less then 24 hours). When he crosses midnight, because these are two dates of the calendar, he will be charged for the both days.

Per night – when a customer crosses midnight using the rent-a-car service, he won’t be charged for both days, because this type means that it lasts 24 hours. So he will be charged for 1 day, no matter of crossing the midnight.

Per week – is a help option that helps to enter the price for 7 days. Here you can put the total price for 7 days usage (for example 700 euro), and if a person books 3 days, the system will calculate it automatically and the price for 3 days will be in this case 300 euro, which is correct.


Selling and billing type - Rent a car