What’s new? Two new icons added – “Voucher description” and “Itinerary description”.

Benefits? If you want to add some additional description on your reservations items, you can use this icons to write some information on the voucher and itinerary. This is useful is you added an ad hoc item where you don’t have any description in the database. If you have items from the database and descriptions are taken from the database, but you want to add some important note, you can put it by using these icons.

26-9-2013- 10-28-36

For example, lets add some Voucher description for the Museum.

26-9-2013- 10-28-08

When you go over the icons with your mouse, the descriptions are shown in a yellow tool tip form. This helps you to see where you have already added some information and description.

26-9-2013- 10-28-27