NOTE: only for Croatian clients.

What’s new? We have added an option of importing exchange rates from Croatian National bank. Each day in Lemax software there would be generated new exchange rates for each currency.

Benefits? You won’t need to go each time to the tab Options > Price list > Exchange rates and change selling, mean and purchase rates manually.

How? When going to the tab mentioned above, exchange rates will be changed and pulled from CNB automatically, so you will have a correct overview without changing anything manually.

2014-06-27- Exchange rate import from CNB1

You can see the picture below (taken from the CNB’s web page) where the exchange rates are listed for a specific day. This list will be imported to the list of your exchange rates in Lemax software.

2014-06-27- Exchange rate import from CNB2

Source: CNB

NOTE: if you want to have this option in Lemax, contact for more information.