What’s new? Due to an improvement in the system, data editing will not be an allowed action on reservations that are in the Finished status anymore. From now on, in order to make those changes, you should first return your reservation from status Finished to Confirmed.

Benefits? Possible mistakes on the reservations can be avoided. Once a reservation has been switched to status Finished, it will not be possible to change any of its data. Since we normally advise users to switch reservations to status Finished just after the trip has finished, the passengers have come back, the invoice and all the documents have been issued and sent to customers, there is no need to change any of this data.

How? Go to Reservations → Finished reservations and open one from the list. Click the Edit button to open the item.

2015-08-24-Passengers editing disabled in Finished reservations1

You will see that all the fields will be disabled and you won’t be able to change any data.

2015-08-24-Passengers editing disabled in Finished reservations2

NOTE: If you really want to change some data however, switch the reservation status to Confirmed, change the desired data and switch the reservation status back to Finished.

2015-08-24-Passengers editing disabled in Finished reservations3