What’s new? It is now possible to copy units on products in Lemax.

Benefits? This modification will allow you to duplicate units on products for multiple purposes fast, easy and without much effort needed.

How? For example, select a hotel and open Price list and Basic services tabs. Here you will see a new icon “Copy unit”.
2018-02-06 - Copy units on products6

When you click on the “Copy unit” icon the confirmation dialog will prompt you to confirm copy of the unit. After confirmation the copied unit will:
1. Copy data from all price lists on all markets and seasons from its initial unit.
2. Copied unit will connect to all additional services and discounts that were connected to the initial unit.
3. Copied unit will not connect to the Special offers that were connected to the initial unit except on Special offer as a season.
4. Copied unit will not copy allotments from its initial unit and its capacity will be set only to Unit on request.
5. Copied unit will connect to the existing price list schedules and price list seasons. It will not duplicate them.
6. Word “Copy” will be appended to the name of the copied unit.

2018-02-06 - Copy units on products3