What’s new? Until now, you could achieve special offer only if the total minimum stay number of days is in one travel dates period in which special offer is valid. From now on, you can have so-called „blackout days“ in the reservation dates and still achieve special offer.

How? When inserting an percentage special offer, locate Calculate only on consecutive travel days option.

 17-1-2014- Special offer

If this option is enabled, special offer is calculated only if needed minimum stay is within the same travel dates period in which the special offer is applicable.

When disabled, special offer is calculated regardless of whether minimum stay is in one or two periods. This means it is possible to have the blackout days when this special offer is not valid and still be entitled to it because the only condition is to realize minimum stay in total, whether there are blackout days or not.

Example: Minimum stay is 5 days, special offer is valid in defined travel dates from 11.1.2014.-15.1.2014. and from 16.1.2014.-31.1.2014. (15.1. the special offer is not valid). Reservation dates are 13.1.-19.1.

When the option is enabled, special offer is not applied because there is no consecutive travel days on which the special offer is applied.

When the option is disabled, special offer is applied because minimum stay in total is more than 5 days.