What’s new? We have changed default setting in the Travel product search window to be set to the customer’s priority market prices instead of default market prices.

Benefits? Until now, when you were adding new items to the existing reservation, the Travel product search was not set to the customer’s market. Instead, the search was by the default market prices. If you wanted to search through customer’s priority market, you were supposed to choose specific market in the Market drop down list under the Advanced search option. Now, we have reduced this additional step and you can make your search more quickly.

How? If you have customer connected to the specific market and already made reservation to that customer, whenever you want to add a new item to the existing reservation, customer’s priority market will be automatically set as the search parameter in the Travel products search window.

20-6-2014- Automatic search by customer's priority market

Travel products search will be showing prices from the priority market. However, if there are more customer’s markets available for the specific service, the system will show prices from the other market set as the next priority for that customer.