What’s new? Change option is added to group calculation items.

Benefits? At the moment of creating a group, it is often unknown exactly which hotel is going to be used so a generic one is used. When the information on the exact hotel is received, generic one is replaced with the real one. Change option on group calculation makes this process much faster.

How? Change icon is added to every item in group calculation.

2017-09-10 - Change group calculation items1

When Change icon is clicked, Travel products search window appears with the correct tab selected. If you are changing accommodation item, Accommodation tab will be selected. Dates from calculation item are set to search dates. If the calculation item which we is being replaced is not ad hoc, the destination from the item is set on the search form. In this Travel products search window, only one item can be selected.

2017-09-10 - Change group calculation items2

When Select button is clicked, following fields will be updated with the data from the new item:

  • Description
  • Net price
  • Supplier
  • VAT

2017-09-10 - Change group calculation items3

2017-09-10 - Change group calculation items4

Following fields will stay the same as defined on the old item:

  • Ad hoc mode
  • Custom fields
  • Note
  • Dates
  • Currency
  • Quantity
  • Additional services (the ones which were selected on the old item will stay and the ones from the new item will be available for selection)
  • Billing type

If Keep selling price is checked, the total selling price will remain the same and the margin will be adjusted.

2017-09-10 - Change group calculation items5

If Enable setting individual margins is checked, margin percentage in calculation item will remain the same and total selling price will be adjusted.

2017-09-10 - Change group calculation items6