What’s new? Enabled setting start date of calculation items when copying calculation items of group calculation.

Benefits? When copying calculation items to another group you will almost never use the original dates. You can now move the dates of the original subgroup and all of its items to fit the group you are copying it to. You can do this by entering the Start date. You will also keep the total duration of the group and schedule of the items in the calculation.

How? In the subgroup calculation click on the Copy from button and select a group and a subgroup from which you want to copy calculation items. Select start date for calculation items.

2017-03-10 - Start date selection when copying item in group calculation1

All items from the original subgroup will be copied and the date of the first item copied will be the Start date you have selected. All dates of the items copied will be shifted for the same number of days which is defined by the difference between the start date of the first calculation item and the start date you have selected in the Copy from window.

2017-03-10 - Start date selection when copying item in group calculation2