This month, we’ve launched an exciting product update in Lemax. Learn about the details below.

What’s new

A Source Channel combo box with checkboxes has been introduced to operations report and financial reports.

This update is automatically available to you once the release is launched. Please note that the usage of this update could depend on system setups (which modules/products you use) and user roles.

Problem being solved

When booking services from 3rd party integrations, it was hard to report the services booked from the specific Source channel.

Benefit for the users

Users can now more easily find all services booked from the specific Source channel.

How it works

New filter on Operations and Financial reports

Users can select from which Source channel to display information on the reports.

The filter is available on the Operations report and the following financial reports:

  • by service,
  • by Suppliers,
  • by employee,
  • by created by user,
  • by department,
  • by branch office,
  • by customer,
  • by custom field,
  • by service group,
  • by product,
  • by city,
  • by country,
  • report for closed reservations.