Mail Communication Upgrades

This month’s update brings you three new functionalities:

  1. connecting existing email conversation with OPS reservation
  2. disconnecting reservation from an email conversation
  3. filtering conversations per mailboxes

This will make everyday management of email inquires much easier for you due to:

  • Supplier emails are now easily connected with Operational reservations
  • Connecting email with a wrong reservation is a thing of the past – this action can be undone in a matter of seconds!
  • When handling a lot of mailboxes you’ll be able to narrow down your search easily to save time.

How does it work?

Connecting existing email conversation with OPS reservation

  1. Go to an email conversation that isn’t connected to a reservation and press “Connect with existing reservation”.

2. Connect with existing reservation form opens where you can now filter out the Reservation type → select Operational reservation type. Once you filter out the operational reservations, connect the email conversation with operational reservation by clicking on the green checkmark on the right side

3. Email conversation is now connected with operational reservation, which is indicated by the reservation number

Disconnecting reservation from email reservation

To disconnect reservations from email reservations, you need to open the email conversation connected to a reservation and press the “Disconnect from reservation” button.

Once disconnected, the email conversation will be shown in its default mode where it can be connected to a reservation again.

Filtering email conversations per mailbox on the Conversations grid

If you are subscribed to multiple mailboxes, you now have the ability to filter out the conversations based on the Mailbox criteria.

By default, the system is showing the conversations from all mailboxes to which the logged-in user is subscribed. You can narrow down the search by typing in or selecting a specific mailbox.