This month, we’ve launched exciting product updates in Lemax. Learn about the details below.

What’s new

InsertReservationItem – DropoffLocation Parameter is added from Passenger Details.

This update is automatically available to you once the release is launched. Please note that the usage of this update could depend on system setups (which modules/products you use) and user roles.

Problem being solved

InsertReservationItem is missing the DropoffLocation field from ReservationItems > Passengers.

The same field exists in the InsertReservation’s method under Passengers.

Naturally, this causes some confusion in our clients regarding our API, and we should consider syncing this behavior between the two methods, thus allowing inserting the DropoffLocation via the InsertReservationItem’s Passengers as well.

Benefit for the users

You can now insert both pickup and drop-off locations for each reservation item’s passenger using both the InsertReservation and InsertReservationItem methods.

How it works

InsertReservationItem – DropoffLocation Parameter behaves consistent with the existing InsertReservation method under Passengers.

You can insert the drop-off location name (mandatory) and drop-off location time (not mandatory).