When creating a new website for your company, you have a choice of possible integrations with Lemax Software which are all listed here: link. Which ever you choose, be aware that integration with third party software is one of the most complex jobs in website development!

Static websites, such as Lemaxsoftware.com, that are not connected to any other software are most common on the Internet and a “next door neighbor that knows about computers” can create them with more or less success. Dynamic websites, such as demoweb.Lemaxsoftware.com, that have integrations with other software are a lot more complicated to create and it is not something that any IT student or inexperienced company could create. For most dynamic websites, you would need an experienced website developer or even an IT company to create it.

When choosing a company that will develop your website integrated with Lemax Software look for these competences/knowledge:

  • Experience in connection and integration to other systems
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • SOAP
  • PHP – if Lemax WordPress plugin is your way of integration
  • WordPress – if Lemax WordPress plugin is your way of integration