API fetching shopping cart guide

Posted by Marko Kelava on November 11, 2015

In Lemax, the content of a shopping cart is saved in the database as a temporary reservation, with items in the shopping cart being saved as reservation items. When a booking is made from the shopping cart, this temporary reservation is deleted and an actual reservation is saved. If you wish to fetch the shopping[]

API reservation item cancellation guide

Posted by Marko Kelava on November 6, 2015

Introduction Although you can cancel reservation items (and entire reservations) in the back office, and your B2B partners can cancel them using our B2B front office, maybe you wish to implement your own custom B2B and/or B2C portals, where you will also enable users to cancel booked reservation items. This guide is intended to show[]

Affiliate integration guide

Posted by Marko Kelava on April 13, 2015

Affiliate integration is achieved by using iFrame integration with an additional attribute for the div elements. Your affiliate partner will need to follow the instructions provided in the iFrame integration guide. You will need to provide your affiliate partner with a URL source for the iFrame script which they must include on every page that contains[]

WordPress plugin detailed guide

Posted by Marko Kelava on April 7, 2015

Plugin instalation To be able to use iTravel WordPress plugin first copy the plugin files into your WordPress plugins folder. After copying the plugin files, the plugin should become visible under the WordPress “Installed plugins” page. Now you can activate the plugin. Once activated, you can use shortcodes for displaying variousitravel sections on your pages[]

iFrame integration guide

Posted by Marko Kelava on March 30, 2015

Introduction iTravel Software comes with an online booking module which can be implemented into the website easily by including 2 scripts into the page, and then adding HTML div elements with predefined attributes. The script will render an iFrame element inside the div you have added. iTravel Software implements 4 different controls through the iFrames:[]

Integrating the Lemax Software to your existing website

Posted by Marko Kelava on March 25, 2015

The purpose of this document is to provide you with a comprehensive and easy to understand overview of the different ways you can integrate Lemax Software into your existing website. Choosing the integration method is the first decision you have to make, and the most important one, because everything else that comes later depends on[]

API developer guide

Posted by Marko Kelava on March 20, 2015

Introduction Lemax API is a web service based on SOAP, and as such uses XML for data exchange and is technology independent. Using API doesn’t require installation of any kind. Its purpose is the integration of the client’s website with Lemax Software back office, i.e. display of the information from the client’s back office on[]

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