API integration FAQ

GetSearchResults returns the wrong price

Posted by Stevan Mraović on May 11, 2017

The price in GetSearchResult is approximative as it skips things like different prices per day and also enables faster server replays. So if you create a request like this: { “CurrencyID”: 840, “LanguageID”: “EN”, “StartDate”: “2017-08-25”, “EndDate”: “2017-08-26”, “DestinationIDList”: [53], “ObjectTypeIDList”: [], “InPriceType”: “PerDay”, “PageSize”: 20, “CurrentPage”: 1, “PassengerConfigurationFilterList”: [{ “RoomsNumber”: 1, “AdultsNumber”: 2, “ChildrenAges”:[]

Can I get resized and/or cropped photos from the Lemax API?

Posted by admin on December 12, 2016

Yes! This is achieved by using the PhotoWidth and PhotoHeight and/or ThumbnailWidth and ThumbnailHeight parameters when making an API request, where available. Depending on your use case, you will need to set either PhotoWidth and PhotoHeight, ThumbnailWidth and ThumbnailHeight or both of the pairs.   I wish only to resize the photos, keeping the original aspect[]

GetDetailedDescription only returns price lists from one season. I want to display the price lists from all seasons.

Posted by admin on October 16, 2015

API response to GetDetailedDescription contains AccommodationObject object, which has a property PriceListValidities. This is the list of all seasons for which that product has a price list. If you want to display all the price lists, you need to make one additional GetDetailedDescription request per season with the StartDate of the request’s parameter class set[]

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