What’s new

The New User interface (UI) launched in September is updated with various major and minor improvements (a total of 50+ individual changes were applied in this release).


After the launch of the new UI in September, we have received much feedback from users. The feedback was a mix of positive reactions but also packed with useful suggestions on how to further improve the UI and improve user experience in the system. Thank you all for that!

Some items you suggested for improvements were introduced by the New UI, some were also present before the new UI.

With this release, our main goal is to further improve the User experience in Lemax.

Benefit for the users

Users will have improved experience when working in Lemax.

How it works

Grid upgrades

Fixed header

It’s finally here! One of the most requested features was that grid headers don’t scroll with the content. Now, when you scroll the page, the grid header will scroll together with content to the top of the page. When they reach the top of the page, they will remain fixed and the content will continue to scroll.

Filters above grid

Built-in filters of the grid are now hidden by default. If you need to filter the data, just click on the Filter icon on the top right corner of the grid and filters will pop out.

If you want to have filters visible by default on all screens, just go to your Personal settings and turn on the Show filters option.

Other grid upgrades

Among the big changes mentioned above, we have also:

  • changed grid header and footer to colour white to better distinguish grid from other content on the page
  • set grid header to always display in one line, instead of breaking into multiple lines
  • minor adjustments on borders and colours

We have reduced the number of items on the main menu. Don’t worry, you can still quickly find your items.

All products are now listed under the Product main menu item. Also, this is the new location of the Special offers.

Mail communication can be found under the Partners menu item.

Buttons colour and positions

We have updated button colours in order to highlight them in the interface. Buttons that are executing some action are now in Lemax pink, while Filter buttons are in Lemax blue.

We have also changed the position of action buttons on main screens. They are now located at the top right corner. By doing this, buttons take less vertical space which enables more items to be displayed (especially useful if you have smaller monitors).

Colour coding

We have embedded information of reservation status, into reservation numbers, by colour coding reservation numbers.

New colours based on reservation status are the following:

By doing this, you can remove the Status column from your reservations grid (or just restore columns to default). All reservation numbers will be colour-coded according to the status.

The Colour code of reservations is available on the Reservations grid, Operations report, Operational segments grid and Documents grids.

By the way, if the reservation is in status Option and Option is expiring today, you will have an icon indicator like on reservation 3430 from the above screenshot. If the option is expired, the icon will change like on reservation 3432. These indicators are available on the Reservations grid.

We have also colour coded Cancelled documents in Red on the Documents grids, so you can remove a Status column from your documents grid because you will get information of the status from the document number.

Reservation edit screen update

On the Reservation edit screen, we have reduced whitespace and increased data visible to you.

The whole header content is reduced in height so Reservation items are displayed higher which enables an overview of more items on opening the screen. This was achieved by changing the Reservation details section is now in 2 columns and Transactions section reduced to only 2 rows, instead of 3.

Tour calculation update

On the Tour calculation, we have increased the width of calculation items on the left. This enables you to see more text of the item.

Also, the pop up when hovering calculation item is increased in width so data is more readable.

Icons for adding new itinerary items are now in blue colour with text to enable easier navigation.

Minor improvements

Among the changes listed above, here are some other, minor changes which we would like to highlight

  • We have renamed the Payer column to Customer on Documents grids
  • We have fixed the colouring of rooms to red when they are not saved to the contract
  • On price list edit, if price per day of week is different, we have returned the red icon indicator
  • The window title is now in blue, instead of grey for better visibility
  • Combo boxes and date pickers design is updated
  • Tooltips are in dark grey background colour for better readability