In order for the search results to be able to display 3rd party supplier products, you need to have a destination selection in the form of a textbox on the search control, instead of the default 3 drop down lists for country, region and location.

You can change this by editing the LemaxAPI.php file. In that file, there is the following piece of code:

public function __construct() {

$this->languageID = GetParameterFromGetOrPost(‘languageID’, LemaxGeneralSettings::$LemaxDefaultLanguageID);

$this->currencyID = GetParameterFromGetOrPost(‘currencyID’, LemaxGeneralSettings::$LemaxDefaultCurrencyID, true);

$this->searchSuppliers = GetParameterFromGetOrPost(‘searchSuppliers’, ”);

$this->showDestinationAsDropDownList = true;


When $this->showDestinationAsDropDownList is set to true, the destination selection is in the form of the drop down lists. If you set it to false, it will change to a textbox input.