Affiliate integration is achieved by using iFrame integration with an additional attribute for the div elements. Your affiliate partner will need to follow the instructions provided in the iFrame integration guide.

You will need to provide your affiliate partner with a URL source for the iFrame script which they must include on every page that contains Lemax div elements, and you must provide them with their affiliate ID, which they will use as an extra attribute for those div elements. You can see your affiliate’s ID in your back office. Just open the partner, and the “Affiliate code” will be displayed on the General tab.

affiliate code

So, for example, if your affiliate partner wants to add an accommodation search box for your products to their page, they must include both the jQuery and iFrame script and add the following div to that page:

<div data-frame-type=”accommodation-search” data-affiliate-id=”xyz”></div>

where xyz is their affiliate ID provided by you. And that’s it! The same applies to the search results. They just need to add the data-affiliate-id attribute to the search results div.