We provide you with access to our API services and documentation on how to insert products from Lemax into your partner’s web page or back office system.

An XML integration is basically a connector that acts as a “translator” between Lemax clients and their partners allowing different formats or programming languages ​​(usually XML) to be compatible. This way the information from Lemax is available on the website or back office of travel agency, even if they have the databases information differently structured.


  • Centralize inventory management
  • Increase distribution channels
  • Savings

In this type of XML integrations suppliers (Lemax) provide clients their availability, rates, etc. so they can sell the available product and are required to update the information.


Through API, we provide you with access to the information in the back office such as reservations, transactions, documents, porducts, and it is up to your team to extract, organize and display that information in any way you like.

Using travel product search box leads to a list view of search results. There, users can click on a particular product on the list to view more information, which leads them to detailed view. From there, they can proceed to book the product, which leads them to the booking form. The API displays the products and information that you have entered into Lemax back office.

The information the partner can access thorugh API is limited by markets and/or contingents as for the integration are needed credentials which are provided by Lemax upon client’s request.

When credentials are entered, customer ID is automatically set up and partner can only see products and  documents assigned to them, transactions and reservations he has made.

If the integration is not custom, the last step of creating a reservation is done via Lemax online booking form and therefor it can be complex to integrate.

You can find an B2B API guide here.

When the integration is done, number of users partner can have is not limited.